_Ángeles Baños Gallery presents in ZonaMaco Sur the project “Sizigia” by Blanca Gracia

In Astronomy, Aromaticum describes the moment in which three or more celestial objects are aligned. The term, which comes from the Greek and which gives its name to this planetary conjunction, means yoke and also union. Composed of videos, drawings, sculpture and installations, Aromaticum is a project that craves the celestial, the real-wonderful and that at the same time reminds us of this inevitable anchorage to the terrestrial and tangible.

The characters of this project seek a significant-master for this atonal world in which we find ourselves immersed. To Lift the celestial fabric of the Flammarion, “The End of the world”, to cross this flat Land and to discover if indeed (as all those globes of the Middle Ages indicated) on the other side inhabit the Dragons or if on the contrary it is only of our own shadows.

The works of this project guide us through a circular journey that goes from the ethereal to the earthly, and in which the mass psychology and social disturbances are intermingled with the mesmerism, the levitation and even the astral voyage. It is No wonder that Vivian Leigh’s famous phrase in “A Streetcar Called Desire” is collected in the video as a manifesto:

“I Don do not want realism! I Want Magic! ” Without Magic, this world would be unbearable.