_ Susanne Themlitz participates in a large exhibition at the museum Arpad Szenes-Viera da Silva

In 2019, the Arpad Szenes-Viera da Silva Museum celebrates the twenty-fith annieversary of its opening to the public. It is within the scope of that celebration that, alongside works by Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, the museum will host, from 21 March to 23 March, an exhibition project by Pedro Cabrita Reis: A metade do céu (Half the sky). Cabrita Reis has assembled a group show that is entirely and openly free of any thematic restraints, and indeed from all discursive artifice. Instead, it based on an elementary intention, on an axiomatic, unshabeable will: "that it would act, quite simply, as means to disclose the thought, the outlook and the creative practice of Half the sky"