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_Blanca Gracia_Syzygy
_Construction. background and figure
_The Role of Drawing VII_Blanca Gracía_Enrique Marty_Ernesto Casero_Javier Arbizu_Miguel Scheroff_Curated by Rafael Doctor

Through drawings, animations and home-made machines Blanca Gracia merges wild anthropology theories, explorers from pseudo-fictitious worlds and lunatic expeditions, all with a flavour of our contemporary world, which can be perceived by allusions to coexistent conflicts, social structures or through texts that make the viewer to look at apparently pleasant images in a different and intriguing way.

In her work she blends neo-colonial archetypes, exotic savageness, furtive voyages, our domesticated nature as a background for these tales and noble contemporary savages as main characters. An evasion from the current moment we are going through, a cult to escapism, to the quest for contemporary utopias built taking adavantage of the system’s cracks, turning our backs to civic life.To see nature as an idyllic place where one can find shelter, giving free rein to an extremely simplistic and naïve vision of the natural world.