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_Construction: background and figure

_The role of drawing VII_Blanca Gracía_Enrique Marty_Ernesto Casero_Javier Arbizu_Miguel Scheroff_Curated by Rafael Doctor

The content of the work of Arbizu is not explicit, but that operates by means of indirect allusions and references, which seek to establish situations where it seems that we can know experiential effects but not its causes. It is clear that never happens, in the context of their work the intuition and not said to acquire a fundamental role. A dialog between photography, the pictorial and sculptural, that in their hybridization, weighted by the physical dimension of the work of art, and the illusionary effect of the image.

The ideas of potentiality, absence, polysemy, and indeterminacy are very present in your work, as well as the recovery of pictorial, sculptural techniques, and treatment of the image that currently seem to be obsolete, but that, however, allow you to speak of the present and the status of the image.