Miguel Ángel Fúnez_CV_Dossier

_Animals and things
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_The Role of Drawing V (Artist’s Books)_Curated by Martín Carrasco Pedrero

Starting from a reflection about the animal world and that expanded dichotomy zoology vs. civilization (and as part of their impact in the context of the contemporary cultural debate), the work of Miguel Angel Fúnez is organized around a green note of proposed semiotic dimensions, combining the concepts of perversion and irony postulating a statement critical that tells some of these conflict situations about the invasive (and colonial) human presence in the natural environment.

Immersed in the patient work of the collection of images, whose origin ranges from different sources accessible digital files to others that have been well taken as a physical object, prescribes the meaning of them thus building a new speech on animal extortion. Speech affecting at the same time, the field of art to the extent that their exercise of juxtaposition, layering and overlapping, dialogues with these as recurring strategies within the scope of the postmodern aesthetic, which represents an increase of some traditional concepts of art itself.