Antonio Xoubanova_Graffitti_11/02/18_01/08/19. Opening Friday 2th November 20.30.h

Graffiti is an urban movement which has its origins in the 70s in the city of New York, US. In it, young people went out to the streets to paint their names all around the city, the more times the better, with the purpose of proving their existence in a world which denied it through economical and social mechanisms. Therefore, graffiti is an exercise for the exaltation of the ego, very much like that that we can continuously see in the social networks or in the ways of modern advertising. With this project, my aim is to talk about graffiti as a metaphor of the competition of the self, be it individual or collective, of companies or anonymous people; as I want to deal with visual and sound noise that this constant battle of the self-affirmation in front of the other causes. This project also shares its title with that by Brassai in 1930. From my point of view, in that one there is a research of the unconscious part of a particular time through what he found in the streets and its walls. I want to take this mechanism as the beginning and add the most superficial and aesthetical present part in it