_ Juan Carlos Bracho presents "Imitation of Life" in the film festival rhizome

With a program that this year revolves around the concept of fuzzy logic, the international film Festival Rhizome will project on November 23 in the Plato set of Cineteca/Matadero the Juan Carlos Bracho’s videoperformance “Imitation of life.”

The screen as a residual surface, and as a reference to our visual imaginary, has been a recurrent theme in the work of Bracho, as well as the landscape as a mirror of ourselves. Throughout his career, Bracho has reflected on the theme of the landscape from the abstraction, the fantasy, the dream or the gaze of the other, and for the first time the protagonist of this piece is a real landscape; The garden as an expression of a domesticated, codified and intellectualized environment. “Imitation of Life” is, in short, a proposal that delves deeper into the innermost sense of the idea of landscape-and on the mirror as a surface that reflects what does not belong to it. A reflection on what we perceive, on the screen and the images that these emit incessantly, increasingly ethereal, intangible and lacking meaning.