_ Juan Carlos Bracho presents the Florence/Venice project in the Chapel of the Trinity of the Barjola Museum from 05/06/19 to 08/30/19

Curated by Óscar Alonso Molina Florence/Venice is, in short, a specific proposal that in the Baroque frame of the chapel of the Trinity of the Barjola Museum, delves into the constants of the work of Juan Carlos Bracho around the notions of sublime Romantic, of the landscape, of the gaze of the Spectator, of the construction of the meaning in his bosom, and of the artifice of any cultural image. A proposal that delves into the innermost meaning of the idea of landscape/nature, and on the mirror as a surface that reflects what does not belong to it. A reflection, also, on what we perceive on the surface of the screens and the images that they emit incessantly, more and more ethereal, intangible and meaningless.