_Arquitectura and "I", Juan Carlos Bracho and his relationship with architecture

Until February 2th La Sala Alcalá 31 presents the exhibition "Arquitectura y "Yo"", a set of works carried out by Juan Carlos Bracho between 2003 and 2018, which address the relations with architecture. Also, the exhibition also includes a series of works designed specifically for this project, setting up not so much a retrospective exhibition as a work in process, usual in the career of this artist. Bracho's work has as its main tool the drawing, but uses techniques or equipment of the drawing itself, but also of video, photography or performative character. It is based on the perception and creation of beauty, and his work can be placed in the orbit of conceptual practices. The exhibition, curated by Armando Montesinos, includes three large groups of work: on-site interventions carried out in the room; drawings, photos or mock-ups of unpublished or still in-process projects; and reincarnations and variations of past works. To all this are added the artist's notebooks, which are shown for the first time in public, setting up an exhibition that does not close any reading, but opens to the experience of the viewer, of that "I" that we are each of us.