_Laura González Cabrera_Silent Collisions_11_12_23 / 01_05_24_Dossier

How might we resolve the opposition of two, antagonistic features? Isn’t this duality just the illusion of a forgotten unity? Perhaps it is a dichotomy that reveals how what is invisible but real might be made manifest.

“Silent Collisions” shifts these questions into a visual and pictorial research project, where the crisscrossing of chromatic strips, indicating opposing directions, is solved by having them alternatively submit one to the other, creating a kind of weave.

This project is part of a series of works which, despite their two-dimensionality, require three-dimensional thinking, just like what we see with woven fabrics. In the paintings and drawings comprising the project, the artist explores its correspondence with the abstract codes of art through mathematical reason, which seeks out guidelines and sequences of hidden structures within apparent chaos.

This obvious interest in manual processes, seeks to express and develop the qualities required to counter the adverse effects of the era of immediacy and media clatter. Craft procedures reveal deep connections between ideas and the body, between the mind and the hand, between what is incorporeal and what is tangible. It is as if a choreography designed to train our fingers might then be used to join opposites, giving rise to some other state of consciousness.

This is also surely accomplished through slow work and silence, calling for concentration, which serve to lengthen the time spent on reflection and enlarge the space where things occur.

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