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_A Pause in Time_Ignacio Bautista, Juan Carlos Bracho, Ricardo Cases, Yaima Carrazana, Manuel Antonio Domínguez, Emilio Gañan, Celia González, Laura González Cabrera, Daniel Martín Corona, Ruth Morán, Andrés Pachón, Susanne S.D. Themlitz, Antonio Xouvanoba and Lola Zoido
_Abstract Machine
_The Fletcher series
_In memoriam
_Out of code_Andrés Pachón_Ignacio Bautista _Daniel Martín Corona_Manuel Antonio Domínguez_Juan Carlos Bracho_Miguel Ángel Fúnez
_The Role of Drawing V (Artist’s Books)_Curated by Martín Carrasco
_Drug of the real_Andrés Pachón_Daniel Martín_Simón Barns_ Ignacio Bautista_Curated by Óscar Alonso Molina

Andrés Pachón (Madrid, 985) has an academic background in Contemporary Art (Fine Arts degree, UCM – CES Felipe II, 2008; Theory and Practice of Contemporary Art master degree, UCM, 2009) and in Social and Cultural Anthropology (Social and Cultural Anthropology master degree, Coimbra University, 2019). In the last years, his visual practice focused on the construction of the colonial imaginary through the use of photographic archives in anthropology and ethnography. In this context, he developed his work through collaborations with institutions such as the Musee du Quai Branly in Paris, National Museum of Anthropology in Madrid and the Photographic Archive of Art Museum of Lima (MALI) in Peru. His visual work reflects on the construction of knowledge through photography, establishing relationships between the practices of the 19th and 20th centuries, and the current uses of technology, as is the case of his current research on socio-technical activity in Computer Vision Systems.