Daniel Martín Corona_CV_Dossier

_A Pause in Time_Ignacio Bautista, Juan Carlos Bracho, Ricardo Cases, Yaima Carrazana, Manuel Antonio Domínguez, Emilio Gañan, Celia González, Laura González Cabrera, Daniel Martín Corona, Ruth Morán, Andrés Pachón, Susanne S.D. Themlitz, Antonio Xouvanoba and Lola Zoido
_Security, Control, Decision
_Now oratory, now drawing 1/2
_Out of code_Andrés Pachón_Ignacio Bautista _Daniel Martín Corona_Manuel Antonio Domínguez_Juan Carlos Bracho_Miguel Ángel Fúnez
_The Role of Drawing V (Artist’s Books)_Curated by Martín Carrasco
_Drug of the real_Andrés Pachón_ Daniel Martín_Simón Barns_ Ignacio Bautista_Curated by Óscar Alonso Molina

In his work -around reality as construction- the anecdotal is a plus, an additive, something that is revealed as uncomfortable for the one-way opening step in the game established between things, between its sameness and their difference, between its established character and the abstraction of its rules, between what they are and what can be invented among them.

From different disciplines (drawing, video, sculpture, etc.) but with the drawing as the center, the reality is a consistent fiction which becomes material and physics while it dematerializes as an image.