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_A Pause in Time_Ignacio Bautista, Juan Carlos Bracho, Ricardo Cases, Yaima Carrazana, Manuel Antonio Domínguez, Emilio Gañan, Celia González, Laura González Cabrera, Daniel Martín Corona, Ruth Morán, Andrés Pachón, Susanne S.D. Themlitz, Antonio Xouvanoba and Lola Zoido
_A sunny environment
_Pigeon in the air
_Outskirts beauty
_The role of drawing V (Artist’s books)_Curated by Martín Carrasco

The photographic work of Ricardo Cases is always linked to the yearnings of the human being: the deep and universal aspirations of the citizen of the mass society, who fight against banality in an effort to transcend and confront his dignity to a medium always inglorious. This orients look of contemporary folklore expressions, looking for the truth of the Spanish understood as a man of the people forced to live in the city, in modernity.

Beyond of appearance pop, detached and cynical, the human interest and anthropological. Apart from the social and documentary, sincere and universal drives beating under the banal surface, kitsch and little interested in glamorous contemporary Spain.