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Children’s playgrounds are places of exploration and adventure, worlds of stimuli and potential entertainment. However, there was a time when children were banished from their playgrounds. Laden with prohibitions and awaiting better times, they became visual playgrounds of shapes, colours and compositions where the photographer could play while bearing testimony to a period in which everything lost its regular meaning and, even for us, reality was rendered alien, abstract and unfathomable.

Since “Paloma al aire” (2011), a photographic work dedicated to colombiculture in the Spanish Mediterranean, his practice has been dedicated to the represen- tation of the particularities of the landscape, of the specific effects of people’s behavior on it and, consequently, of the character of the people who inhabit and modify it. Cases is interested in that survival behavior of the human race and that capricious instinct to modify nature at will.

His gaze is focused on the closest geographical environment, searching through different strategies for the photographic gesture that synthesizes a place in order to understand it and be able to tell it.

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