_A Pause in Time_06/10/22_07/29/22_Dossier

As part of the series of group exhibitions programmed for 2022 on the occasion of the gallery’s twentieth anniversary, we present this show, featuring the participation of the full set of gallery artists. Celebrating an anniversary involves an exercise of commemorating time. This is why it is more appropriate than ever to use Time as the basis for this collective project, with the participation of Ignacio Bautista, Juan Carlos Bracho, Ricardo Cases, Yaima Carrazana, Manuel Antonio Domínguez, Emilio Gañan, Celia González, Laura González Cabrera, Daniel Martín Corona, Ruth Morán, Andrés Pachón, Susanne S.D. Themlitz, Antonio Xouvanoba and Lola Zoido.

In the present day, the culture of immediacy has become rooted in our society. The lack of time and the speed of everyday life condition the pace of our lives and how we relate with our surroundings. In this context, it is necessary to pause for a moment. A pause to help us analyse what we are, the path we have taken so far, our past experiences and how they have evolved. A pause for dialogue, for listening and for responses.
With this as our starting point, the participating artists in the exhibition take up the idea of time by including it as a feature of the creative process, in an exercise of interiorisation and rediscovery of time as a factor in their work.

In these pieces, thoughts are passed onto us as filtered through experience, small personal narratives, sensations of some moment in the past that might be confused with a present state—in effect, throwing out open-ended messages that await the viewer’s reply.

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