_Security, Control, Decision / Celia Irina González_Daniel Martín Corona_ 02/26/21_05/01/21_dossier

Fantasising with mechanisms to obtain an assurance of security, pretensions of control, the illusion of decision, these are the obsessions of this project. Investigative evidence, deep immersion, data search and long-term activity would together seem to ensure the solemnity and dedication required of an art committed to verification and reflection. “Security, Control, Decision”, however, involves three installations that seek to confront the public as citizens, faced with the need to feel and require these variables of equilibrium: security, control and decision.

Time for study and data assessment has been dedicated to the installations presented here, yet operating with unproductive information: the colours of football uniforms; political decisions guided by the direction the wind is blowing; security exacerbated by fluorescent material. The efforts of months of work to fulfil the wish to inhabit a balanced environment of a citizen, eager to demonstrate to himself that he is not just part of a set of random variables.

“Security, Control, Decision” is the impossible triad these artists draw pleasure from. Foolishly, reaffirming clichés, they forget what is politically correct and become perfectionists, dulling their brains with trivial objectives. Employment regulations, sports statistics, heat maps they all are converted into recurring sites that could have been others, now mere justifications in shaking off all nostalgia for an uncertain future.

“Decision”. Installation. Variable sizes. 2019-2020.
In “Decision”, the arbitrary direction of the wind establishes the site of power, as represented by a plastic, pink centre for Havana and a blue one for Madrid. Sixty sceptres have been printed on a 3D printer in this or that colour, depending on the wind directions from April to November, 2019. Not all these sceptres are pure; some of them became blended when the winds were unstable or abruptly shifted direction. Infographics showing the behaviour of wind at both locations in the previous 8 months go along with this accumulation of sceptres, which end up bearing witness to an arbitrary management style.

“Security”. Installation. Variable sizes. 2019-2020.
In “Security”, fluorescent fabrics used to indicate danger zones or make clothing for security guards, are hung from the ceiling. The hanging cloths are meant to be crossed through by the public, and in each one of them informative texts can be read on the guaranties we now have to be able to live risk-free. They feature security and health treatises, with their tautological rhetoric promoting double inspections, tests, related accessories, meeting points and entertainment. Security effects we require for greater protection of our affects in calling for ongoing balance.

“Control”. Video Installation. Variable sizes. 2019-2020
We have learnt to live with data, including with more than we could ever come to process. Knowing data is there calms our souls, as it is possible to know everything, the behaviour of any process while it is taking place, even predicting its actions. “Control” presents data organised in a rather capricious manner, including hours dedicated to processing and visualising, the sort of task that always warrants praise. We did it, once again! We control, classify, adapt and obtain. In reality, we are never made aware of what has been chosen to be processed. Now we have 65 images of the behaviour of the teams that have participated in the 65 versions of the UEFA Champions League.

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