Antonio Xoubanova_A small universe_03/27/15_05/20/15_Dossier

“A small universe” is the first exhibition of Antonio M. Xoubanova, (Madrid, 1977) in the Gallery Angeles baths. In this project, the artist represents and condenses its own imagination of the universe in 1.5 seconds and 10 linear meters of road.

The project is a feature of 1.5 seconds consisting of images and scripts referencing the beginning of things, technology, religion, the universe, street, love, matter and its different forms, the most basic of the human condition, the contemporary design, advertising and the end of existence.

At work, the images represent a space according to the time they contain. An image made to 1/40 sec. shutter speed is physically 10 times larger than another shot at 1/400 sec. The project is, therefore, is an attempt to achieve something so minimal, abstract and complex as 1.5 seconds of existence, a bit of matter or a small space.

If the universe is defined as the sum of all matter, time and space, this work of “street photography” is the attempt to address a controlled universe and elements that contain it, though, in the end, they reveal as infinitely complex and uncontrollable.