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Daniel Martín Corona (Madrid, 1980) presents his second exhibition at Ángeles Baños Gallery. For this occasion, he has gathered three of his last projects, some of which has already had a significant national impact. In the exhibition he reveals is how his work has as starting point a constant inquiry into reality, the images that surround us and the models of representation we use in man’s relationship with his environment. Therefore the artist takes usually as starting point an expanded and in traditional drawing absolute conception.

The selected projects has varied and subtly critical, ways around the technical tools linked to the recognition of the world and your organization. Beyond this, the work of this young artist starts from digital models to finish transforming these through careful analogical and manual processes, typical of traditional disciplines.

The artist faces in these projects to issues for which does not offer a final perspective: there is no moral or moralina, since the research process meets its objectives without pointing to a denouement. Thus, compared to other prevailing ideological models in his generation, Martín Corona culminates work without adopting a dogmatic, propaganda or obvious stance in its critical position. His work concludes in the partial unveiling of the enigma facing. This format in format of study objective without solution, reminds us that the technique useless is a properly aesthetic register, and that inspiration may come from other fields.

Great depression
It’s inverted geolocations of the eight-thousanders (the set of mountains exceeding 8,000 m. height), in such a way that they perceive as abyss instead of peaks. It’s representations 3D using networks of irregular triangles, which is digital media to represent the morphology of complex surfaces. the paradoxes of our measures on the universe here configured a synthetic metaphor about the limits of man against this and our effort to deal with it.

You are the one
A series of drawings that are formed from the elements of security used in currency and documentation (watermarks, microimpresiones, prints and invisible inks, etc.). In this way, the effort of the technique of which the originals are unique and impossible to falsify is put to the service ironically of that same inertia that pushes the idea of artistic originality and the specific value of the authorship linked to the signature and the personal hand of the author. The series highlights the conflict between technique and art.

Vocation 3D
It is a new series of technical drawing graph papers, acquired as Polyhedra volume open.From being projects to becoming results and reaching an object state.On these papers, a laser level is thrown whose line crosses all its planes and this one breaks in its route adapting itself to the limit imposed by the paper. The idea that our ways of perceiving, measuring, and organizing the world are susceptible of many different perspectives.