Ignacio Bautista_Powerline_09/03/16_10/18/16_Dossier

Ignacio Bautista opens with Powerline a new season at Ángeles Baños Gallery. The title of the exhibition is a term used in the field of graffiti to describe the outside line that takes place in the outline of these “parts” to frame them and make them highlight the walls.

The trajectory of Ignacio Bautista is characterized by knowing how to combine aesthetics and savoir-faire with a conceptual formalization in his works, proposing a reinterpretation on our present from meticulous and almost imperceptible gestures. These, in their radicality, give new meanings and all notable dose of humor, irony, and lyricism a via utopian to a questioning of the given, not free.

In Powerline performs a series of installations where deals with the romantic idea of the creative freedom of the artist, reflecting on how nowadays there are many factors which determine and direct this so-called freedom from fashions and trends dominant in the circuits and markets of art too, for example, the difficulties of combining artistic work with the realization of others to carry an independent in the city life.

For the materialization of this idea Ignacio worked on the gestures and the footsteps of the artists when creating your style. This uses different shapes and structures related to the physical movements of people, to end up turning them into stems and guides that direct and condition the freedom of their own movements during the working process that has used.

We see a work that is smart and full of readings -most very ironic- with an air of distance comment about elements of the gesture and the brand of the artist. On the other hand, as it is common in his work, situations that focus the action here seem to conceal a secretive plot that takes place in another place and is different from the one that is shown to us. We are presented with the rigid and static with the intention of defending the opposite, spontaneity and subjectivity.