Ignacio Llamas_Emptiness_12/16/16_01/31/17_Dossier

With the title Empty has presented in the Galería Ángeles Baños the last work of the artist Ignacio Llamas. This title also gives the name to a series of pieces in volume that constitute the core of the exhibition. The works presented in this exhibition take as starting point the landscape that surrounds the author. A desolate landscape, with few references, but, for this reason, very loaded with meaning. A landscape formed by the constant presence of the human being, which leads the centuries leaving its mark on it. A landscape seemingly bland and devoid of interest that, despite what may seem, contains a hidden beauty.

These characteristics which, initially, could be considered negative, really aren’t, generate an absence beauty, a beauty of the non-beautiful. Llamas builds his metaphors proposing images of architectural or landscape spaces through which refers to the interior of the human being. His works, both in the volumetric aspect as photographic, propose to the spectator silence its noise and begin a journey toward his own interiority. To get into these images we discover places dominated by a transforming light, in which the prominence falls to the everyday items that contain a heavy symbolic burden.

Ultimately, which the artist raises the Viewer is to transform the exterior look in a look inside yourself, facing the depths of being. A journey in which we perceive the light emanating from each of us.