Jesús Zurita_Flee understanding_11/15/14_01/10/15_Dossier

This second exhibition of Jesús Zurita at Ángeles Baños Gallery is the first that -in the words of the artist- “I made exclusively of drawings in a gallery”. For this occasion Zurita has resorted to a complete plant repertoire to develop all the concerns that nest in its work, delving into the themes present in the rest of your production installation and painting. In these new works, the protagonists are fruits, trees, branches that twist and seem to have a life of its own, chained in whole landscapes that we show to make us his witnesses. These drawings are offered to the viewer as a disturbing result and at the same time warn us and remind us to every caress or beat in our fingertips, involving irrigation all softness and rot is its source.

Again in the words of Zurita: “The wind lashes the tree in an absolute sound expression beyond all music, all language. It is a resonance without joints and is the force of any curve in the universe. There are no roads. The remains of flesh and skin that we trample on, the crunches of the smashed and the dry; that’s the only thing we will recognize when looking back. There are no odors for our memory. The rotten creaks in the sun or swells in the shade and the germinal freshness is positioned between one or the other. Neither roads nor smells. But there are horizons. One after another.

A walk is no longer an option. Stop to find, perhaps. And immediately leave. Continue without looking back because nothing wants you to stay. You have seen it and you keep it inside. At the end of the first horizon, you make a count that you even begin because it should not be so and still among the black rocks of the second horizon. Flee and understand. Flee understanding in this era of horror and mercy.”

To run away in a path full of debris, in the end, full of corpses of our own lives and our experiences. So what does it depend on if we continue to move or get caught in the quagmire? is the question that perhaps the artist throws in this exhibition. A question that has the answer in the title of the sample: flee understanding.