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This project is based on the correspondence between reading and writing: the transcription of a text (a tale of Kawabata) and its deployment in space. I try to establish relations based on very simple elements: a reticular structure and a default mode of organizing the surface and deposited the painting. Starting units are words or phrases that I encode using color and graphical structure of the letters. This process is carried to the limit, the story disappears.

Laura González Cabrera

The work of Laura González Cabrera (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, 1976) generates a strange restlessness that makes the limit our notion of color, our notion of painting, our notion of drawing and our notion of writing under the gaze of the Viewer. I.e., these notions unlock, it destabilizes them reusing them, renaming them; as if he were aware of being an Egyptian scribe, who implements a new historical writing, writing your own history, coloring it, making a chromogenic experience.

In fact, an example of this is the idea -argued by Omar Pascual- that she worked from the instrumental construction of a grammar of color; a misleading and retinal teaching notion. A grammar of color, that Laura articulates a chromogenic arithmetic, a mathematical coding converted into language. A form that manifests itself as a hidden code, from which the artist rewrites his way of seeing the use of the pictorial-sketching language, which provokes a purely poetic experience, visually speaking. The poetry of the scriptural synthesis as the beginning of all languages. A work that denotes the immense, penetrating, ultra-sensorial greatness as a synesthetic, totalizing experience and sum of all possible languages.

Through painting, drawing and mural painting is as if the artist puts in doubt – from this scriptural coding system – more than the representations that Art makes possible, the narrative possibilities -from the poetic-literary- that art itself offers us as an alternative, as a reinvention of futuristic languages.It is as if Laura reacted to the tyranny of the images from the word, and to these words, the color gives them an extraordinary power. An experience that has allowed her to rewrite the point zero of writing that Barthes enunciated as the supreme utopia of the scribe purpose, and even to steal literary stories told by others from the painting -drawn or the drawing-painted- as in the case of the series Nemuriguse (Sleep habits) presented in this exhibition, where part of the correspondence between reading and writing, and the spatial dimension that this relationship acquires in the transcription of the tale of Yasunari Kawabata that gives title to the project.