Manuel Antonio Domínguez_Likewise in the opposite direction_06/04/10_07/30/10

Through pictorial interventions on images belonging to a dilated collective imaginary although subjected to a short perspective of gender, Manuel Antonio Domínguez Gómez (Huelva, 1976) questioned the existing filiation between heterosexuality and certain habits and marked rooted androcentric social groups such as football or military areas.

The male masquerade, as we know it, is now presented as dyed pink, broken dolls and mannered gestures that imply an impasse in the modes of learning and assimilation of manhood heteronormatively forbidden and little questioned, thus breaking with the first reading that we could make a classic image of collectible chrome with a photographic record of Pele or Maradona. Athletes and idols in equal parts, as carnal symbols of the society that are developed, pastiches of stereotypes based generators of the male role. Thus, Ang

So, for this his first solo at Ángeles Baños Gallery, and as it has already become usual practices that vertebrate his artistic production, Manuel Antonio Domínguez uses the collage interlaced with detailed watercolors of extreme thoroughness, his trademark. Illustrations that call into question while they demonstrate the shortcomings of that type of masculinity, unique and unambiguous subordinate of the other possibilities within the scope of the not so politically correct. In this way, “I can not, I do not get” or the “I do not want” will reveal from the plastic of “Likewise, in the opposite direction”, accounting for the frustrating weight that sometimes involves being masculinely correct.