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From the different ways to encapsulate the history of Spain, this second project for the Ángeles Baños Gallery exerts a critical look at the file of the homoeroticism during the Franco regime, specifically the rehabilitation that the gays were subjected to under the reform of the law (Vagrancy Act). A legal framework becomes an instrument to define that sexual behaviour that is out of the norm and applied that indefinite detention in prisons measures to achieve their so-called rehabilitation.

From a true story, the artistic development focuses on generating a sense of identity with others, with the distant in space and time, with those who have left a mark on inanimate objects, documents, and images. The intention is not the recreate that time again, but use the documented event to create a new time mediated by images of files that summarizes the temporary differences in the Spanish environment. The whole project links with the ideas of historical memory, reflection on violence and conflicts generated by the complexity and variety of human sexual relationships.