Out of code_09/06/14_10/27/14_Dossier

“Out of code” is the second project of the working group created within the Gallery Angeles baths by Andrés Pachón, Ignacio Bautista (Mutiu), Daniel Martín Corona, Manuel Antonio Dominguez and Juan Carlos Bracho, who on this occasion joins first Miguel Angel Funez. The intention of this group is to add experiences and energies to take forward projects in collaboration between the artists and the Gallery, establishing from the outset including a dialogue without hierarchies.

This time the work of the six artists part of the concept of appointment, understood in the broadest sense of the word: as a language out of code, a space of relationship, appropriation, sometimes arbitrary or meaningless, but which, however, serves as a frame of reference to recontextualise own ideas from thought and outside work.

As a starting point, each one of them has edited an appointment; six short videos presented at the Gallery entrance to independent screens, without title and authorship. Six narratives without apparent nexus but whose common sense is to raise either from the metaphor, the absurd or the direct speech, different tracks to interpret their work processes, their interests or their aesthetic philosophies.

Thus arises a discourse open, non-linear, in collaboration and relational; a game where the viewer will find its own plot and narrative thread or not, within the Assembly deployed in the gallery. A tour where ideas, concepts, and forms bounce and are projected, are recontextualized, are constructed and reconstructed from the perspective and self-interest as if they were dating that is overwritten by continuously adding layers of meaning.