Ricardo Cases_Outskirts beauty_24/10/08_21/11/08_Dossier

There is much talk of the canon of beauty, standards, and when speaking of it there is talk actually official, unique, styled with related taxes from the magazines. But finally, the beauty is a virtue that is imposed from birth. It is or is not, and today when trying to transform with a scalpel, there is a risk that the result would convert the would-be beautiful late in an eyesore of design.

One of the people portrayed told me that “beauty is self-esteem, it is to see you well yourself, not for others”. Because accepting that there is no aesthetic judgment more valid than another, in “Outskirts beauty” I eliminate my prejudices and seek beauty from a stranger to my own criteria. I forget my assumptions, determined by commercial advertising machinery filters, and try to reach the inside of the person inviting her to be beautiful, to show his own idea of beauty: beauty who wants to project in your environment, in your neighborhood. You want to see reflected in the mirrors of his house.