Santiago Morilla_Living de overflow_05/04/12_06/13/12_Dossier

Under a name as descriptive as symbolic, the artist Santiago Morilla exhibits his latest interventions and artistic projects developed during the grant of production and residency at the renowned Gyeonggi Creation Center, near Seoul, in South Korea.

“Inhabiting the overflow” includes on the one hand some of the murals project works “Water Beacons” Santiago Morilla made in the immense roofs of the GCC, in which four characters of dimensions Cyclopean struggle to keep its waterline, which It could well mean his salvation or perhaps his immoral sentence in suspension of eternal lethargy. The interest of Santiago Morilla in the intervention and modification of the landscape, as well as new iworldviews through Google Earth -for example- make viewpoints to understand his works are multiple and complementary rivers, from the sky, from the same pictorial plane or from home.