The Role of Drawing IV (All the invisible affects me)_12/02/11_01/25/12_Catalogue

The role of drawing, the proposal that every year Ángeles Baños Gallery dedicates a collective perspective of drawing with an emerging profile, is placed this year under the curation of Óscar Alonso Molina. Unlike previous editions, where the number of artists is summoning a generous group of creators, this time is reduced to five. Five names, also as a novelty, belonging in this edition to generations of older, more established in the average professional, with dilated trajectories and whose work has achieved remarkable impact inside and outside our country.

Under the title of All the invisible affects me, have been called to an Italian artist, two Portuguese and two Spaniards, Natividad Bermejo, Susanne S.D. Themlitz, Nino Longobardi, Curro González and Baltazar Torres, stressing its international vocation and an aspiration to a link between the art scene Spanish with others nearby, especially the Portuguese, for which the gallery appears strategically located at the geographic level.

The exhibition includes demonstrations linked to the role of the drawing, understanding them beyond their traditional technical limitations and the conventional support with which he was associated. The drawing, as it is understood here in a conceptual sense, as a generator of ideas, as basting that binds this group of recent works, all expressly made for the occasion.

Sample thesis “of Fund” revolves around a feature common to the work of all of them: its ability to carry out a paraphrase of the visible aspects of reality in a figurative key, and transcend them for the sake of a position subtly critique without resorting to the obvious or the far. From subjectivity and the aspects most lyrical or emotional to the mimetic freezing of appearances, passing through deformation, scale changes, disturbances of all kinds, this visible world that affects them takes a singularity that reveals the nothing complacent position that the artist takes to comment.

It is, therefore, bring together these five interesting artists, true reflection of a present complex and subtle, and put them into dialogue, with the intention of letting five ways different, but complementary, which is targeted open an ambiguous and very stimulating conceptual space so that the images can be read between the allegorical key (with morales, uplifting, even political content) and deployment of pure fantasy or the concatenation of the root nineteen ideas, fun, playful.

O. A.