The Role of Drawing VI_World is my imagination_05/24/14_07/31/14_Dossier

As the closure of the programming, we celebrate this year a new edition of “The Role of Drawing”: a project and an annual event that since 2008 Ángeles Baños Gallery has dedicated to contemporary drawing. For this 6th edition, we count on the collaboration of Modulo-Centro Difusor de Arte, and with the curator of its director Mário Teixeira da Silva. Along with Angeles baths presented a set of works on paper by six artists belonging to the payroll of the Portuguese Gallery.

The storyline that serves as a starting point for this work is the idea of ‘world’ of the philosopher Schopenhauer German, for which all reality object is nothing more than a subjective representation operated by the subject. Thus, in this deeply metaphysical event, simple contact with the surrounding reality through our senses is a creative act, becoming the art the materialization of the interaction between the subject and the object: the art thus becomes the representation of the world, our own world.

For Schopenhauer, the artist possesses the virtue of showing, through his works, his vision of everything around him: people, landscapes, objects, ideas… But if very early was appraised this Mimetic ability (Zeuxis fooling the birds with their grapes and Parasio foolingZeuxis with his painting, as Pliny tells us), throughout history the artist which will claim its place as a catalyst for the reality. Then what is the role of drawing in this creative combination subject/object?. The drawing has traditionally been that first time in the creative act, that will serve as a study, support, for painting, sculpture, and architecture, a role that in recent decades has been transformed and has become a discipline to the drawing “in the most orthodox sense of the word” autonomous and essential to understand the work and the way to deal with it that the artists of the most recent generations have. The drawing has a primary dimension, is the materialization of a first look, the genesis of every artistic project, the essence of this, its seed. Ultimately the drawing travels thus an arc that goes from the germ to the final realization of an idea or thought

Says Schopenhauer, that the world is a subjective construction, and the reality serves as starting point for artistic creation in art. In such a way that in a work of art what we have is just a realization of the real vision subjective that the artist has the world experienced through their experiences, feelings… We can say that the world of the artist is that of your imagination.