The role of drawing VII_ 01/31/15_03/18/05_Dossier

Ángeles Baños gallery presents with the support of the Directorate General of Cultural Heritage (Ministry of Education and Culture of the Government of Extremadura) for the seventh consecutive year their project “The Role of the Drawing”. For this occasion, the exhibition will be curated by Rafael Doctor, who also will lead the cycle of conferences “Act on paper”. Conference on contemporary drawing in Spain to be held in parallel to the exhibition in the MEIAC with the collaboration of Ángeles Baños Gallery.

The group of artists selected by Rafael Doctor runs from already consolidated career such Enrique Marty to Blanca Gracia, born in 1989, and is completed with the works of Ernesto Casero, Miguel Scheroff, and Javier Arbizu.

“The role of the drawing” aims to demonstrate the validity and importance that the artistic practice on paper currently has. The paper, as a direct and spontaneous creation resource, is currently one of the axes on which practice and contemporary thought are poured. In an age in which everything is technological and which combine the brackets, the resurgence of this practice comes to provide a necessary balance on a scale in which digital visual culture seems to be the key. Return to play the role, return to the drawing back to the first tactile sensations becomes something subversive, somehow, since it is away from the path that seems to the technological evolution.