Yaima Carrazana_Declaration letters_10/21/16_12/16/16_Dossier

Yaima Carrazana (Santiago de Cuba, 1981) moves freely between various media and formats such as painting, video, performance, and installation. Across this spectrum of media, the work stands out by mode in that embark on a dialogue well founded, although often irreverent, with history and the contemporary art discourse. With his works Carrazana weaves a delicate network of reviews (political, cultural) gender contexts that determine the way in which the art is received and interpreted in today’s globalized world, creating works that explore the unstable boundaries between what is art and what not. 

“Declaration letters” is the first exhibition of the artist in our gallery. It is a series of paintings in oil on canvas inspired by designs of the correspondence that the artist receives from the Ministry of Justice and Tax Department of the Government of The Netherlands, country where she resides. These documents are received in an envelope of peculiar color and perfectly recognizable, and are called “blauwe envelop” (blue envelope) containing all a sort of legal papers with a very careful design.

For the artist, try to understand all these documents has led her to reflect on the complexity of her own process of integration in Dutch society. From this starting point, the artist creates a series of abstract compositions in which freedom is taken to transform the Ministry of Justice Dutch designs from a very personal point of view, creating a sort of redesign of these staff documents.