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The artists selected for this project, Eder Santos (Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 1960), Juan Carlos Bracho (the Line, 1970) and Blanca Gracia (Madrid, 1989), draw a broad generational arc that defines the lines of action of the Gallery Ángeles Baños: Tender Bridges with Portugal and Latin America, the national media careers and betting on emerging artists.

The work of these three artists has a personal and recognizable language. However, his proposals find common points in his reflection on the cultural heritage that defines us as individuals and as a society-religion, myth, landscape-and his works can be interpreted as mantras, Oracio, pleas or hymns of worship That induce the spectator to a state of inner contemplation. Some works that meditate on the beauty of the images stored in our memory, and whose meaning project what we are and how we recognize each other individually and collectively.

In the case of Eder Santos and Juan Carlos Bracho, reaching this state is linked to personal or appropriate rituals, repetitive and mechanical processes, while Blanca Gracia immerses the spectator in a sort of hypnosis induced by echoes and reflections of his own Conscience.