_Ignacio Bautista presents his new sculptures in Estampa 2017

Inside the program “Mapa”, curated by Guillermo Espinosa, and with the title “Powerline”, Ignacio Bautista presents a new series of sculptures that can be understood as a set of comments distanced about the elements of the gesture and the artist’s brand. But what is really seen in these works and installations is the questioning of the old romantic idea of creative freedom, alluding to how many factors influence and direct this supposed independence of action and production.

This work introduces us to a world full of references to the most basic elements of pictorial language and to the predominance of productive and procedural strategies of the genre in the broadest sense of the term. In the detained gestures, full of doubt and sarcasm, coexist the cold and expressionless air of industrial appearance, as of freshly refurbished product in a large warehouse, with usual materials, the ñapa or the fat brush, generating situations and paradoxes where objects or assemblages, without hardly forcing them or resorting to grandiloquent rhetoric, create a conceptual perspective plagued with allusions, dialogues and winks to the spectator, who is invited to decipher the commentary that hides behind his immutable appearance, do not exempt all of it from remarkable doses of humor, irony and lyricism in most of the occasions.