_Ángeles Baños Gallery participates in Arteba with the works of Yaima, Susanne S. D. Themlitz, Laura González Cabrera and Ruth Morán

“The event that decided to leave the wisdom in suspense to ask for the being of things, of reality, was astonishment. In the Asom-bro there is an unseen being in front of something, something that has been known and that was thought to know but in an instant it is shown as new, leaving the one who contemplates it in a kind of blindness and dumbness. There is No word in astonishment, only silence and, at the most, an exclamation. The astonishment is Pasmo, the pasmo that occurs when something unusual is seen, but that is even more pure and fertile when it is produced before something well known and that suddenly presents itself as never before.

“Notes of a Method”, María Zambrano.

This excerpt from María Zambrano’s book is established as a base for presenting a project composed of four women who share the illusion of being surprised with the everyday life of their social environment and reflecting it in their works in a transversal way and Multidisciplinary.

The process of creation that they carry out originates from the fecundity of the astonishment, fruit of the temporal suspension of the sense. It Takes special relevance to the artistic practice turned into a trace, at the same instinctive as persevering, from a space where the experience of tangible reality acquires a new raison d’être. This becomes a state where a concatenation of actions leaves cons-importance of it. What is true is that in all cases this new reason of being is revealed to us in a cartographic deployment where colors, objects, textures, texts, images and, in general, all kinds of traces that affirm our physical presence in the world, are presented in half of Path between the unusual, the utopian and the ineffable.