_Ángeles Baños Gallery at Arcolisboa24

The set of projects presented at our stand for Arco Lisboa 2024 brings together a series of works by Yaima Carrazana, Juan Carlos Bracho and Emilio Gañan in which colour and geometry are the protagonists.

Being these elements or these formal strategies common, the three projects use these forms and these colours to raise a series of questions and problems that go from the autobiographical to the social in the case of Yaizma, drifts on the drawing as a cartographic tool in the projects of Bracho and Emilio Gañán’s warm and arnomic minimalism

Apparently cold, distant and methodical, these works are, however, paradoxically sensual and evocative, and are charged with a subtle beauty and layers of stories and personal and collective experiences.


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_Ángeles Baños Gallery at ARCOmadrid 2024

Reintempering Uncertainty_Celia González_Yaima Carrazana_Laura González Cabrera

In the times in which we live, a continuous spirit of uncertainty has settled among us that casts doubt on the epistemological foundations of our society, highlighting our own fragility and that of the system to which we belong. The reality is that our reflections and questions have evolved little since antiquity, investigating and interpreting the unknown is part of humanity, just as it is also inherent to the process of artistic creation. In this sense, the work of art is a vehicle for reflection, an artefact that helps to discover facets of our condition, exercising a therapeutic function as a balm to remedy arrogance, and uncover the relativity of our surroundings.

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_Angeles Baños Gallery at SWAB 2023

Everything is ready.

Beyond the celebration, there is nothing to understand.

It has to do with a simple, imperfect feeling.

The string that kept the pearls together has disappeared, and despite the smoke,
nothing was what it seemed.

-Ángeles Baños Gallery at Arco Madrid 2023

Traditionally, painting has been used as a common technique to recreate a fictitious and idealised landscape, in which different natural elements were incorporated to seek the desired composition according to the criteria of each period. This project is presented with such an approach, and is made up of four artists who use painting as one of their working tools and landscape as a vehicle for communication. In the works presented, they reflect on the artificiality of the landscape and how it reflects the priorities of the society of the time, introducing messages referring to the relationship between nature and the action of man, redefining in many cases an increasingly domesticated territory.


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Ángeles Baños Gallery at Arco Lisboa 2023

What experiences do you need to accumulate to be in the world? What knowledge is necessary? Like anywhere else, in our Iberian environment, a large part of the society that encompasses us forces us to accept as part of our culture an infinite number of superfluous aspects that reduce and simplify us as people. In this exhibition project, the participating artists combine different everyday elements of our environment, frequently resorting to clichés, to place us in front of them, as a journey through different scenarios where we can recognise and recognise ourselves.




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