_ "The stable relationship" by Manuel Antonio Domínguez travels from the ABC Museum in Madrid to the Sala de la Provincia in Huelva

La Sala de la Provincia of Huelva will host from the 1st to the 25th of August the exhibition ‘ The stable relationship ‘, of the artist Huelva Manuel Antonio Domínguez, that has been inaugurated by the Congresswoman of culture, Lourdes Garrido, accompanied by the curator of the exhibition Óscar Alonso, the Gallery owner Ángeles Baños and the artist himself.

Manuel Antonio Domínguez (Villablanca, Huelva, 1976), is one of the creators linked with greater intensity to the practice of drawing within his generation. The artist approaches his figurative and narrative world with meticulous technique and, at times, dazzling. It is a realistic drawing, clear line and very defined, which is completed with watercolor and Guache, where the color is always tempered, predominating the whites of the background. In this line of work we can see a monumental piece, sixteen meters long, to date its most ambitious drawing.

The artist also presents other examples and installations and works with various objects. Manuel Antonio Domínguez’s work is part of what has been called “gender speeches”, interested in analyzing the issues that affect our understanding, construction and collective assessment of the roles of Man