_Javier Arbizu and Karlos Martínez B. inaugurate the Hazitegia scholarship program of the Oteiza Foundation and the Huarte Center

The Oteiza Museum and the Center for Contemporary Art of Huarte have launched the Hazitegia (seed) program, dedicated to the promotion of artistic production around the work and aesthetic thinking of Jorge Oteiza. This action will have an annual periodicity and will consist of a residence of production in the Center of Contemporary Art of Huarte and will be completed with its later presentation in the Museum Oteiza.

“The dark, the mystic, the animate but soulless” is the title of the project of the artists Karlos Martínez B. and Javier Arbizu with which begins this new program and that part of the revision of the concept of macla, that alludes to the series homonymous of works realized by Jorge Oteiza.

The idea of “macla,” present in the work of Oteiza, will be revisited through a series of objects whose construction processes suppose an exercise of negotiation between the characteristics and dynamics of the materials and the intuition and desires of the artists. The maclas in Oteiza originate by the fusion of two or more bodies, which become inseparable due to the energy contained in the relation of their parts. There are similar phenomena in other fields of knowledge, such as astrology or biology, which have historically been considered magical or aberrant, not only because they are outside the norm but also because of the energetic load they imply.