Drug of the real_10/29/10_12/14/10_Catalogue

Drug of the real is the exhibition project of the art critic Óscar Alonso Molina, conceived for this gallery with the works of artists Andrés Pachón, Ignacio Bautista, Simon Barns and Daniel Martín Corona.

The exhibition addresses grades of fiction that can contain each of the aspects more plausible and convincing for the real thing. Selected artists do from different positions: through the virtual generation of viable spaces at the perceptual level, in relation to the story that build and we build all from the media, or the exhibition context (gallery, art fair), or our memory, both private and collective, or the location of particular identities, whether they be the characteristic of each subject of even of everyday objects. Their works address so the power to foresee any situation from the potential of the given indeed by all those pre-established perimeter elements.

Each of these four artists experiences differently with substitution -sometimes very ironic- the phenomenal data as critical, and not evasive stance -consoling- towards the inhospitable of the present. Thus, there are from works of explicit political to other more lyrics content, while the anthropological or ethnographic concerns are also present.

By way of summary and epilogue, should remember what Don Quixote repeated to Sancho: “I have already told you that all things switch and change their natural being charms. I do not mean that they really move from one being to another, but is what it seems.”  We will have to wait, nothing less than to chapter XXI of the second part, to see fulfilled his reverie -but of course, under our perspective still illusorily-; fulfilled or transformed into something like a drug of the real, because “that was the first day of everything in everything he knew and believed to be a true and not fantastic knight errant”.