Laura González Cabrera_CV

_Silent Collisions
_A Pause in Time_Ignacio Bautista, Juan Carlos Bracho, Ricardo Cases, Yaima Carrazana, Manuel Antonio Domínguez, Emilio Gañan, Celia González, Laura González Cabrera, Daniel Martín Corona, Ruth Morán, Andrés Pachón, Susanne S.D. Themlitz, Antonio Xouvanoba and Lola Zoido
_A formal dream
_Nemiriguse (Sleeping habits)

Laura recreates focusing all their attention on a surface: a sheet of paper, a fabric, a wall or a glass. It works on them for hours with pencils, paint, inks, watercolors… and thus manifests the corporeity of the process and the work.

The artist understands is art practice as a place of encounter with oneself and with others. Often the leitmotiv of his works appears where someone or something left a trail that takes the form of a letter, word, text, music, space… Starting from there made a graphic, chromatic, logical system that transcribes these sensory experiences to data, including computation and communication on a surface capable of keeping our attention.